Day to Day

I take down my hair in sections (see night routine). I spritz each section with my rose water and glycerin mix, then add my shea butter mix. For a bit of extra shine I'll (very) lightly rub in Africa's Best Herbal Oil all over once my hair is out.


I band my hair in order to maintain length and reduce the need for combing. I section my hair (8-13 in total) then using a hair band (Goody's ouchless) and band the full length of my hair and cover with a satin cap/scarve


I wash my hair every 2-2.5 weeks

I section my hair (4 sections, help in place with crocodile clip) and rub my pre-poo mix into each section. I cover my hair with a plastic cap and leave it for a few minutes. When I wash my hair I take down one section leaving the cap on to cover the rest of my head. I rinse out the pre-poo, shampoo this section, then twist it back again and cover with the cap. I do this with each section, then cover with a fresh plastic cap once each section has been washed

I then add deep conditioner to one section, then separate this into smaller sections in order to detangle. Once detangled I twist and clip it back and cover with the plastic cap.
I deep condition (without heat) for about 40 mins, sometimes more if I'm busy or watching tv lose track of time.

As before I rinse out the conditioner in sections then re twist each section, clip and cover. Another fresh plastic cap is used once all the conditioner is washed off.

Throughout this process I use a t-shirt to dry my hair as this causes less friction and absorbs less water. To dry I take one section and squeeze using the t-shirt. I them spritz my rose water and glycerin mix, then make smaller sections which I blow dry using the pic adaptor on my hair dryer. When each section is blow dried I apply some of my shea butter mix and band (see night routine). I then cover my hair with a satin cap/scarve.


I co-wash every 1-1.5 weeks after washing
A co wash is washing your hair using only conditioner. Some people never use shampoo and only ever do a co-wash (or are No Poo).

To wash I go through the same process as when I wash my hair, excluding the pre-poo and shampoo stages.
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