Sunday, 12 February 2012


I've finally got internet access again, so I can write about what I have been up to. I have started taking vitamins. For the past 28 days I have been taking a vitamin for skin, hair and nails, about 10 days after that I started taking biotin. At the moment I'm only taking 300mg of biotin a day as there is already 45mg of biotin in the other vitamin.

From listening to others on You tube, I'm shocked at the number of vitamins that some naturals are taking, especially when you consider that most of them have the same ingredients. They're just loading their bodies with these things unnecessarily. Having these things in excess isn't going to do them any good. I'm just sticking with the two that I'm currently taking, I may up the amount of biotin from one 300mg tablet a day to two. I really want healthy hair but I think popping pills like their mints a a step too far.

Since taking these vitamins I've also been growing my nails, they do look really healthy, especially after being buffed. I bought some nail polish but after applying it to one hand I realised I preferred my nails plain. I may do a french manicure once they're an even length and I have the time to sit and do them properly.

Friday, 25 November 2011

New Style

Lately I've been putting my hair in canerows when going to bed, instead of banding, I do get a bit of a curl when I take them out but after a few minutes due to shrinkage they form into a puff and just look like I haven't combed my hair. I couldn't do the style I wanted which was an Afro puff slightly pulled back, so did this instead. I know the picture isn't great, but I do quite like it, I'll tweak it a little the next time I do it.

I am determined to do some sort of braid/twist out, I have considered doing Bantu knots so that I can get the curly/wave effect. Once I find out the best products to use to achieve this, and get the chance to go to the shop to buy it, I'll let you know the results.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Lately I don't know what my hair is doing or what to do with it. I'm not in my usual routine and sometimes go to bed without banding or wrapping it. Taking care of three babies really tires me out, I wish I had a live in hair care specialist who didn't mind being paid in food and somewhere to sleep.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Purely Natural: Review

On Saturday I went to my appointment at Purely Natural, in Stratford. The salon looked very professional, was clean, light and airy. I'm used to going to salons that look cluttered, dark and dusty. It didn't seem to have that salon smell either and unlike other black hair salons that I've been to (excl Morris Roots), the staff looked like a team and not like individuals who were only renting out a chair and would be working from another salon or from home in a couple of  months time.

My appointment was at 2pm but I arrived at 1:40, and to my surprise was seen straight away. A girl called Danielle washed my hair, and when I say washed, I mean washed. She really got in there, then, after conditioning, checked to make sure that all the product had washed off (something no other hairdresser had done before). Once my hair was washed I went over to a lady called Natalie. She confirmed the style I wanted then asked if it was ok to use shea butter in my hair (as she thought I wanted twist she asked if I wanted them done with gel or grease). When using the hair dryer, she handled my hair with care, starting from the ends and working down to the roots (another thing that no other hairdresser has done). Then she moved on to trimming my hair. I've never had my hair trimmed at a salon before, so I was very nervous because I know how scissor happy some stylist can get. She snipped and then showed me how much she had taken off to see if I was alright with it. My hair looked so much better afterwards, the trim was the main reason why I went to the salon.

Next came the actual styling, I told Natalie that I wanted it cane rowed at the front and the the rest in single plaits. As she parted my hair she told me she was going to do the cane rows going towards the side so that they wouldn't pull on my hairline. She asked me how I usually styled my hair and how long I keep my extensions in. I told her 1-2 months, she was very shocked and said that my hair would be locking up by that point. Natalie also pointed out that the styles I had chosen would lockup a lot sooner than if I had done twist. I was advised to leave them (and extensions) in for 3-4 weeks. This surprised me as I'd always been told that 1-2 months was alright. However,what she said did make sense as the braids around my hairline do tend to lock so I try redo them about one month into the style in order to avoid this.
When my hair was finished she asked if she could use the sheen spray, the fact that she was asking whether or not I wanted to use certain products impressed me. I've never ever ever had a stylist ask me, usually they just use whatever is at their station, like a one size fits all approach to styling.

When my hair was finished, I was very pleased with the results but felt a little bad as I found out that Natalie was supposed to finish at 2pm, and was going to a party (it was now going to 4), and stayed because no one was available to attend to me when I finished having my hair washed. The total cost for everything was £55 (wash, trim and style), just a little more than I'd estimated.

Though they don't use all natural products (neither do I, yet), I would recommend this salon to anyone, I travelled all the way from North London, by bus, to get there and I would definitely do it again.



Friday, 12 August 2011

Hair Appointment

I have an appointment tomorrow at Purely Natural. I'm having my hair washed, trimmed (it really needs to be trimmed) and then styled. It's located in Stratford and is the first natural hair salon that I will be going to. The actual first natural hair salon turned out not to real be a natural hair salon so it doesn't count. I will be back with pictures (if my email function is working properly (USB connection is not working thanks to my babies)) and a review. I really hope I'm not disappointed.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Loving My Braids

I'm just loving these braids. I will definitely do them again.

It's longer than I originally planned, but looks better

Sunday, 19 June 2011

My Braids Are In

I've had these in for over a week, but I've only just been able to take a picture of them. I will try and take clearer ones soon.

The inspiration

My interpretation, front and back
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