Sunday, 12 February 2012


I've finally got internet access again, so I can write about what I have been up to. I have started taking vitamins. For the past 28 days I have been taking a vitamin for skin, hair and nails, about 10 days after that I started taking biotin. At the moment I'm only taking 300mg of biotin a day as there is already 45mg of biotin in the other vitamin.

From listening to others on You tube, I'm shocked at the number of vitamins that some naturals are taking, especially when you consider that most of them have the same ingredients. They're just loading their bodies with these things unnecessarily. Having these things in excess isn't going to do them any good. I'm just sticking with the two that I'm currently taking, I may up the amount of biotin from one 300mg tablet a day to two. I really want healthy hair but I think popping pills like their mints a a step too far.

Since taking these vitamins I've also been growing my nails, they do look really healthy, especially after being buffed. I bought some nail polish but after applying it to one hand I realised I preferred my nails plain. I may do a french manicure once they're an even length and I have the time to sit and do them properly.
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